How does the Affiliate Program work?

The Affiliate Program provides you with an income stream through commissions made on sales of standard website plan.

Your Organization is assign a 4 digit Promo Code and you can promote in a number of ways – 1) You can simply refer people to sign up at using your promo code and you will receive credit for that sale, 2) You can embed banner links on your website and promote and by clicking on that banner customer can sign up for service giving you instant credit for that sale.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • The Affiliate Program is free and easy to join
  • You get $25 commissions (on our Standard Plan offering) paid monthly
  • We have creatives available for you; Banners and images to help promote our services
  • Whether you have a website, blog, review articles, email lists, or a social media following, this program will work for you
  • All applications are manually reviewed by our staff
  • We have a dedicated affiliate manager waiting to help you make the most of our partnership


What are you waiting for?

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